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Adams & Co. Reversible Wood Square Tree

Adams & Co. Reversible Wood Square Tree

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Introducing our enchanting 4.25x5.5x1 reversible wood cutout, a nature-inspired masterpiece for your decor.

This cutout features the timeless symbol of a Tree, capturing the beauty and strength of nature. Crafted with precision, this wood cutout offers a versatile choice with a grey or brown side, allowing you to effortlessly match your desired aesthetic. Whether you prefer the serene elegance of grey or the warm earthy tones of brown, this reversible wood cutout adds a touch of natural charm to any space. Perfect for tabletops, shelves, or wall displays, it brings a sense of tranquility and harmony to your home or office. Embrace the beauty of the Tree design and let its presence inspire a connection with nature in your surroundings.

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