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Schiffer Kids

Schiffer Kids - Pirates Escape Game Story Book

Schiffer Kids - Pirates Escape Game Story Book

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Ahoy, Matey! The pirate ship you're on is set adrift and most of the crew is missing. You must search all areas of the ship to gather clues, solve riddles, and question witnesses in order to solve the mystery. In the end, it's up to you to reconstruct the thread of events, put the ship back on track, and direct it to a safe place to dock. Use the book together with the notebook provided to search for and keep track of your clues. Only you can find the escape! Paperback binding. 0.4375" depth. 100+ illustrations. 96 pages. Author's bio: Eric Nieudan worked as a game editor, specializing in developing and adaptation of role plays, before becoming an author and scenarist. As a child, Margot Briquet dreamed of becoming a green dancer, a secret agent, or a stuntwoman but realized it would be simpler to turn her imagination into illustrations. She has a degree in animation and has worked on animated series for children.

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